Is Bulk SMS an Efficient Marketing Strategy?

The reason behind the success of any company is a proper marketing strategy. You cannot instil confidence in a customer if you do not have an appropriate marketing solution. Marketing is the only way of reaching out to a wide group of audiences. Bulk SMS is the most widely used marketing strategy. Contact the best bulk SMS provider in Pune to get the best services for your company. Bulk SMS is one of the finest, most efficient forms of marketing.

If you are still doubtful about its uses, take a look at the following points on the uses of bulk SMS in your business-:

  • Quick Response rate- as per a survey conducted, it was found that the average response of a message is 60 times faster than an email. The average time taken for a response to a text is 90 seconds. On the other hand, email takes a time of 90 minutes. SMS marketing has high response rates. It is 7.5 times faster than email.
  • Cost-effective- We always look for an effective marketing strategy in a reasonable amount. Most of the small businesses use bulk Sms services as it offers eats benefits in a less amount. Digital marketing is costly. Sometimes, you have to pay for each people who see your ad even though they don’t click it. Emails are more affordable than digital marketing but still not as affordable as SMS marketing.
  • Good conversation rate- We always look for a form of marketing that offers a great conversation rate. As per the statistical report, the SMS engagement rate is at least 6 times higher than the email marketing rate. It can be as high as 85%. SMS marketing campaigns perform 7 times better than email marketing campaigns. The verification rate of the SMS conversation rate is 250 times higher than the email verification rate. Thus, you can understand the efficacy of SMS marketing.
  • Customizing your text- We look for unique ways to make our customers feel special. SMS marketing will provide you with the opportunity to do so. You can customize the messages sent to them. Keep a note on the dates of their birthday, marriage anniversary. You can wish them on their special day and make them feel connected with your brand. Customizing the text messages is very easy and simple.


If you want to adopt a marketing strategy in a low amount, bulk SMS service can serve as a great option.

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