Important Things You Need to Check Before Choosing A Domain Registrar

Registering and managing domain name is a very integral task which has to be handled by experts. Well, the fact is that many a times the layman gets tricked of various ways and does not get back the proper result. Handling the business website in right way effects many ways and can have direct impact too. Choosing the right domain registrar is thus very important point to be focussed upon.

Who are Domain Registrars?

Before we start with our discussion, let’s share a little bit about the domain registrar. The domain registrars are the professional companies who offers you to purchase the domain names and register them for your website. The domain names are officially being registered by ICANN. They allow companies for the accreditation and get the domain registrar.

What do they actually do for me?

Once you get domain name and applied for the registration process, the registrars will update the domain name and also make any changes to it on behalf of you on the domain registry. They have access to different tools which will help them to these critical things done within seconds. Only the ICANN accredited domain registrars are allowed to make use of these tools.

Top 3 considerable points for choosing a company

Now we will be coming to our main discussion topic: how to choose a good domain registration company.

  • Period of registration and the rates

To start with the main things- check the pricing of the domain name which will be required by you. Some companies can show up comparatively cheap price for the first one year, but later on they can charge you unexpectedly higher rates for your registration and management process. So, check out these primary tricks of any companies and make sure you know about the pricing and over how much period.

  • Transfer options

ICANN recommend that for the first 60days you cannot transfer your domain address from one registrar to another. But after that you can easily do so. In case you are not satisfied with their service, it is free to transfer after 60days of services.

  • Expiration policy

Registration of the domain names are done for a particular period. You need to do renewal. Make sure you do the auto-renewal or otherwise your domain can be taken up by anybody.

Best service in India

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