Importance Of E-Commerce Website And Its Increasing Development In Present Market

The term ‘Electronic commerce’ is basically known as e-commerce. This e-commerce is the facilitation of trading in products or services by using computer networks(e.g.-Internet). Electronic commerce mainly draws on technologies such as-mobile commerce, electronic-fund transfer system, chain management system, Internet marketing, the online transaction process, Electronic Data Interchange (i.e.EDI), inventory management systems & automatically data gathering process. Modern electronic commerce specifically uses the World Wide Web for minimum one portion of the transaction’s life-cycle, though it may also use other technologies such as e-mail. Now e-commerce business may introduce some of the following:

Online ecommerce website development sites for retail sales directly to consumers.
Buying and selling(business to business).

Gathering and using demographic data through internet contacts & social media.

Electronic data exchange(also business to business).

Marketing with prospective and established customers by e-mail or fax (e.g.with newsletters).

Here are some common applications that are related to website design are indigenous and international payment method, Enterprise content management system, Group buying print on requirement, automated online assistance, newsgroups, online shopping & then its order tracing with the help of order number, Online banking system, Online office suites, Shopping cart software, the Teleconferencing method, Electronic tickets, Social networking, ready & speedy messaging, Retail, Digital Wallet.

The Different Types Of E-Commerce Are:

Off-site e-commerce-where the customer places the order on your website, then redirected to a different website to input their payment(through debit or credit card or through the cash on delivery mode) details. Once the credit card been authorized, then again they are redirected back to your website. Website design services is a very cost-effective process of adding e-commerce to your website & is a first good step.

On-site e-commerce-where the entire transaction takes place on your website (order placing, input of details regarding credit card or debit card, then authorizing the credit card). On-site e-commerce is much more complex to setup. Therefore it is more expensive.

In 2010, the United Kingdom had the largest e-commerce market in the world when it was measured by the amount of spent per capital with the help of website design company. Since of 2013, the Czech Republic was the European country where e-commerce delivered the largest contribution to the enterprises´ total earnings. About a quarter (24%) of the country’s total inventory is generated through the online channel. Among the emerging economies, China’s e-commerce presence continues to enlarge & expand every year. China’s online shopping selling profit reached $253 billion in first part of 2015 with 668 million internet users, according 10% of total Chinese customers retail sales in the same time. The Chinese peddle have been able to help customers feel more comfortable online shopping. E-commerce transactions between China and the rest of the countries increased from 32% to 2.3 trillion yuan ($375.8 billion) in 2012 and it was accounted for 9.6% of China’s complete international trade. In 2013 Alibaba achieved an e-commerce market share of 80% in China.

In year-2013,Brazil’s website making company was increasing quickly with retail e-commerce sales expected to increase at a good double-digit pace through 2014. By 2016,e-marketer expected that retail e-commerce sales in Brazil will reach till 17.3 billion dollar. Still being the third largest user base in world, the penetration of Internet is lower compared to the markets such as the United States, United Kingdom or France but it is growing at a much faster rate, adding almost around 6 million new group or person every month. In India, cash-on-delivery is the easy preferred payment method which accumulates 75% of the e-retail venturing.

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