How to Set Up a Windows VPS Hosting Environment for Your Website

Congratulations on taking up a big decision of hosting your website. Hoping that your hosting provider has provided you with the login credentials for the windows VPS hosting package. 

Now with this information you need to follow the given instruction. It is very simple and ca be done by anyone. 

Let’s start to learn how to easily configure a Windows VPS for your website hosting needs with our step-by-step guide.

Guideline For Hosting Your Website

  • You need to login through the remote desktop tool. This platform is installed in windows OS system. Access the IP address given by the hosting provider. Once you get the administrator access, put the login ID and password.
  • This connects you with the server which is allocated for your website. This is the VPS system which needs an OS. If you have taken up windows VPS hosting, then you will be given licensed windows OS. Trial version can also work but licensed OS is best option. 
  • Restart the machine for windows installation. Follow the pop-up instruction to install the windows on the VPS successfully.
  • Now it’s time to create a user account. This is being done on the VPS server. Follow the instruction for account creation. Once you are done you are ready to host the website.
  • Once account creation is done, now you are ready to transfer website files to the server. You can make use of the FTP (file transfer protocol) for seamless transfer. 
  • Configuration of the database is also important. Also install the required applications to your windows OS environment which are compatible. 
  • Set-up firewall to secure your VPS too.

With this step you have completed the website hosting on VPS server. Now it’s time you follow some steps to optimize the performance and security of your windows VPS hosting.

Configure Windows VPS

Management of the server

It is very important to manage the server for highest optimization. Also, it is crucial for maintaining a secure server too. We have shared some tips for you. 

  • Update the installed software

Always look for any updates for the software that are already installed. In case any updated are available, go for it. Get it updated immediately for security purpose. 

  • Remove temporary files

Use the windows desktop clean-up tools to clean the .tmp files. Having overloaded .tmp files make the server slow and affect the performance too. So, removing the temporary files is very important for server management.

  • Activate the windows firewall

Make sure you update the Microsoft windows updates. Activate the firewall protection which will prevent any unauthorized access to your server. Though they are not the highest ones but to a certain limit it maintains the security.

  • Take up regular back-ups 

Implement a backup strategy by scheduling after a certain period. In any unexpected case of deletion, you can restore the files from the back-up files. 

Ending Note,

Surely Hosting website on VPS hosting will unravel a huge scope. But having a bit of technical knowledge about the VPS hosting and website hosting will help you in using up the resources to fullest. Hope this blog has helped you.

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