How to Schedule and Manage Google Meet Calls with Google Workspace

Google Meet is a popular apps from Google that allow video conferencing. It is a great way to build connection between individuals, businesses, and education sector too. You can easily access the Google meet from the Google workspace. Most of us are now quite acquainted with google Meet, credit goes to COVID-19. In the year 2020, there has been a huge spike of growth due to demand of virtual workspace. 

Now with its new and updated features, Google Meet has provided a lot of benefits for many. From educational institutions to corporate sector, it has unexplored a lot of scopes. With the assistance of the Google workspace provider, you can unravel more such factors.

Read this blog to know about the usage of the Google Meet and make use of this application to fullest.

Google Meet- video conferencing app

Google got popular among people with its email service. Along with the email, there was an application- Google Hangouts. The Hangouts was used for chatting as well as video features. 

Later on this application got divided in to- Google Meet and Google chat. Between them, Google meet is particularly for video calls where you are allowed to do more things. 

Though earlier it was available to premium members, but now it is completely free.

Google Meet is available over web, phone, tablets, android, and iOS.

The primary aim of launching Google Meet is for meetings, but it can be also used for calls and online classes too. 

For using Google Meet, the user need not install the app. It is available on the Google workspace. Your Google workspace provider would guide you how to make it useful to fullest.

Schedule Google Meet Calls

How to start a meeting or join over Google Meet?

Starting a meeting over Google Meet is easy through the Google Workspace (GWS). If you don’t have any knowledge, take help of google workspace provider. Otherwise, you can follow these steps:

  • Open any web browser from where you access any Google account like Gmail, YouTube or Google Photos.
  • Click on the right corner with dotted square box. Open Google meet.
  • A new tab will open. There are two options on left side- meetings and calls. Click on desired options and click on start.
  • While you click on “New Meeting”, you will get options- Create a meeting for later, start an instant meeting, Schedule in google Calendar.
  • If you want to schedule meeting, click on the first option “Create a meeting for later” Once you click, you will get a link. Share this link with your co-workers who will join the meeting.
  • If you want to schedule the meeting for later dates, click on third option- it would take you to the tab of Google calendar. Fill in the details and add up on the Google calendar.

Remember to create a new meeting or schedule a meeting over Google Meet you must have a Google account. But if you just want to join the meeting, then just with the link you can do so. In that case you may not have a google account.


Google Meet free plan can allow maximum of 100 participants in one meeting. Mostly useful for organizations, it is great for remote work and collaboration. Also, it is a great workspace for students for studying. It overcome the geographical boundaries and help in screen and documents sharing in easy ways. This collaboration is now just a few clicks away.

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