How To Save Bucks On Missed Or Cancelled Appointments In Businesses With Bulk SMS

When we forget or miss our appointments, it is annoying. We can promise you, nevertheless, that it’s more annoying for the concerned firm.

Businesses lose millions of pounds each year due to missed appointments. Most of the time, they will make new arrangements at their expense to keep the business going. It can be merely few when considered singly. But reports say that It can be one million pounds in just 3 months which is completely wasted due to missed appointments.

What you need to do?

Well there are alternatives that you need to follow. And obviously it is a better way to deal and save bucks.

Simple text reminders not only help you and your company save money, but they’re also well-liked by your clients. Your clients will appreciate the news, and providing them with a personalised SMS message can set your company apart from the competitors.

What We Provide?

Infosky Solutions is a bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai. We have been introducing this way of reminding appointments in the busy schedule of people with the help of bulk SMS service. Though used in much lesser rate, yet it has shown an overwhelming response till now. Most importantly it has allowed businesses to continue producing their return on investment as well as saving a lot of bucks too.

With our technology, separate yourself from the competition, provide excellent customer service, and lower those expensive missed appointment percentages. Infosky Solutions provides a very affordable bulk SMS packages.

Look at these

For example, if you are in healthcare industry, let make use of the bulk SMS for the appointment reminders for outpatients. This would not only remind them but also make confirmation about the booking too for second time. A text message would not take a huge time also.

It can also be applicable for the e-commerce sites too for the product confirmation too.

If your business sector also needs this similar requirement, come to us. Surely, we will help you customize the packages as per the requirement and get the business going without any loss. Also, it opens up a lot of opportunities too.


Lastly, it is high time you must be saving bucks on the appointments. This method is being used all over the globe right now. Approach us for the latest way of making or cancelling or confirming appointments and proceed further.

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