How To Protect A Hijacked Domain Name After Domain Registration

Domain hijacking is a mechanism by which Internet Domain Names are swiped from its legal holders after the domain registration India. It is also termed as domain extortion. Before we go ahead to get the idea how to hijack domain names, it is important to figure out how the domain names work and how they get linked with a definite web server.

The Ballgame Of A Domain Name

Any website inheres of two parts. The domain name and the web hosting server where the directories of the website are literally hosted. In domain registration, the domain name and the web hosting server are two disparate items and hence they must be combined before a website can work well. The alliance of domain name with the web hosting server is depleted as follows:

  1. After booking of a new domain name with the help of domain booking company, the owner gets a control panel which offers form full control over the domain.
  2. From this domain control panel, he points his domain term to the web drudge where the website’s inputs are literally present.

What Eventuates When A Domain Name Is Skyjacked

At this time, let us understand what crops up when a domain name is hijacked after the domain name registration. To hijack a domain name, one just needs to boost access to the domain control panel and fleck the domain term to another web drudge other than the original one. So, to hijack a domain one does not require access to the target web server.

How The Domain Names Are Hijacked

To hijack a domain name, it is decisive to share entry to the domain rule cabinet of the spot domain. For this following factors are required:

  1. The domain admission officer’s signature for the spot domain.

  2. The regulatory email address linked with the marked domain.

The administrative email address linked with the domain is the backdoor to hijack the domain name. It is the primary to unravel the domain control panel. So, to have entire control of the domain, the hacker may have to hack the administrative email linked with it

Once the hacker takes full authority of this email account, he may go to the domain registering company website and bang on forgot key in the initialize leaf. There, he will be requested to infiltrate either the domain name or the administrative email address to launch the password reset activity. Once this is completed, all the particulars to reset the password may be sent to the ruling email address.

How To Secure The Domain Name From Being Hijacked

The best approach to secure the domain name is to safeguard the administrative email account linked with the domain. If one looses this email version, he may loose his domain. Another best way to conserve the domain is to go for a cheapest domain registration.

When one registers a domain name using the private registration privilege, all his intimate particulars are clouded from the public.

Whenever a hacker execute a WHOIS lookup for his domain name, he may not be able to catch the alias, channel particulars d or the dominant email abode. Thus, the private domain registration administers an add on surveillance and secures the privacy. Although it costs a few additional amount, is genuinely worth for its assistance.

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