How To Pick Up A Domain Name From A Domain Reseller?

A domain name is the face of a company in the international market of Internet. So it is very important to choose a perfect domain name by a company in line of their business.

Why most good domains are already taken?

The domain resellers buy domains in bulk from domain registration India in order to make good profit by reselling them. Owing to this, even four to six common letters domains are not available in the market. This results to a worst situation as at the end of the day, most interest domains serve no value to the internet community, as a whole.

How to reinforce the trademark to get a domain?

If one owns a trademark which is identical or very similar to the domain he wants, he can submit a UDRP claim which forces the reseller to transfer the domain registration to the name of the user. It requires the payment of the specified fees to ICANN.

Bargaining an acceptable price for a domain.

Negotiating the price from an experienced domain re-seller for domain name registration may be a delicate business and one should move with intense care to bypass paying thousands or even hundreds of thousands bucks extra.

Domain relocation negotiations can get very perplexing. Here are the procedures to consider when negotiating straight with a domain registering company.

Search as much as possible about the domain reseller in advance:

Conduct a WhoIs search to check domain booking company when the domain was booked, where it is registered and more precisely the email address of the person or entity that registered the picked up domain. If the domain was registered after the user get his trademark, he may have a better tray to gain a UDRP arbitration.

Get in touch with the reseller via email:

Forward a brief and to the point email to the domain provider stating the interest in acquiring the domain.
– Avert sounding forceful or demanding otherwise the reseller may simply turndown the request.
– Avert booming like a lawyer and making any unjustified demands or the reseller may think that the user has a lot of money to engage a lawyer and demand a high rate for the domain.

Bargaining the best affordable price:

This is the most complex part and cinch a whole science in itself.
Here are some proposals:

Appear as genuine and small as possible:

One viable way is to reveal the minimum information. This makes it tough for the reseller to assess the company size and prevent him from using any tricks to charge a higher value for the domain.

Make a feasible offer:

Fixing the value of a domain from a cheapest domain registration is a black art. Generally the shorter and the more common the word the more costly it gets.

Begin the bargaining process:

Never take the first bid. Now it is the time to counter-offer and this can go on forever. But normally one can counter-offer half of the price. At this point one can foresee for the reseller to settle mid way.

What if one cannot comply to a feasible amount for the domain?

Acquiring a domain through UDRP complain attracts headaches, but if one really think he has the proper claim over the domain and can win the toss, he is advised to move further.

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