How To Handle The Dreaded 404 Error In Your Website?

Experiencing the most dreaded issue of a 404 error on the web page?

Nothing to panic! Everyone at some point of time has to experience this error and it is bit a common problem.

But being a common problem does not mean that it is taken to be lightly. Once web page is showing this error, you must get it solved right away. A user when lands on a 404-error page, it lost its trustworthiness immediately and your business image recognition can be lost.

So, hope you now can understand even being a common issue how much important it is to avoid the 404 error.

You may ask out- how to avoid the chances of avoiding user to land even once in a 404 error- page?

Well, that is unavoidable and your user can land on the error page at any time. So what you need to do in this case is to design the error page in a way so that it is helpful for your visitors. This should convey a short message that would help visitors to come back again after it is resolved.

How To Resolve?

How a website owner would identify the error in their web page?

There are various ways by which a website owner can identify the 404 error. Here are few steps to follow;

  • Step 1: detect the broken links

A broken link checker can help you detect any current broken link in your website. They are completely free and you can check them out. Various options are available for the task and hence it is quite easy to detect the problem.

  • Step 2: fix them up

Once you detect the broken link, it is time to fix them up. Visit the broken link and find out the problem and fix it up as soon as possible. Check it in details to see which one need updation and which one need removal. After you make the changes, go and check the pages if the error has been solved and the new change is showing or not.

  • Step 3: update the error page

After you update the broken link, check for the page and see if the 404 error has been removed or not.

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