How To Design Responsive Web Site Using Java Script?

We all know that responsive website is a kind of web site which is suitable to use form any device laptop, mobiles and every screen size etc. For normal web designing we have to design the version for mobile differently but due to responsive website design we don’t need to do that which is less time consuming but this design is applicable for all kind of device. The layouts are very much flexible it changes automatically with the screen size.

Flexible layouts, media queries and flexible media are the best part of responsive web design company. It has the capability of resizing images according to any width. Most of the people design responsive website using HTML5 but you can also design it using java and CSS media queries, it is much secured than html5. As we all know that java provides much more security than any other programming language because it have different kind of address specifies.

Techniques To Use Java Scripts And Cuss Media Queries For Responsive Website Designing

  • If you are using java then you have to use java applet class for the layouts or animations. When you are java applet class then you don’t need to use main class or don’t need to create the object of that applet class, you can easily access all the methods from that class.
  • There are three basic steps in website design services to design responsive website using java. first move the content to the settings file then create the animation styles and the last one is you have do the coding for getting these desired facilities.
  • Now you have to know how java script detects screen size and redirect scripts. You can apply this two method for mobile phone and screen size. Web design company uses the method to redirect your user to the mobile version of your website using java script. Java script also can detect the user agent string and redirect it accordingly.
  • You can use eclipse or net bins whatever platform you are friendly with for your java script.
  • Website making company always configure your system user path to point your eclipse home directory.
  • The actual formula of flexible layout is to divide the target element width with the present element width and it will give the required element width.
  • It is very important to add the meta tag on the head section of your website, this tag ask the browser to render the width of the web page at the width of the screen of the device you are using.
  • Website marketing company uses media queries you can assign different style sheets based on browser window size. It means you can style your website at different browser width. Example mobile, tablet all in the same css file.
  • java let you to use one method many times just by creating different object for it. That is why java is very much user friendly in other language you have to write the same code many times but in case of java you don’t need to do that.

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