Tips for Reducing Downtime on Your WordPress Website

Web hosting makes your website available to all the audience out there. So, a minute of downtime can cause a loss of connection of multiple customers. Frequent downtime can hurt the brand’s reputation and the online sales too. it can also cause ranking loss too.

So, strictly compromising downtime is a big NO. 

Mostly the start-ups, medium sized online stores and blogsites are WordPress website. Experiencing downtime for your WordPress website can be substantially reduced. Choosing the right WordPress web hosting company is the first point that must be noted.

Choosing a reliable and experienced WordPress web hosting service in Kolkata would ensures 100% uptime of the server. They must provide enough storage, secure domain and 24/7 customer support to help you at any issues. 

This blog will unravel a lot of facts about downtime and how to prevent it. Read this until end to get a clear concept about how to deal with any downtime issues.

What Causes Downtime?

Downtime is the condition when your website is not available over the internet space. It can be due to several reasons. 

Major one among them is the server maintenance. Well, that is normal and must be done after a certain period. Often the web hosting companies inform beforehand about server maintenance. But make sure server maintenance once or twice a year for an hour is good. Otherwise change your web hosting provider. 

Other reasons for website downtime can be DDoS attack, 503 service temporarily unavailable error can be due to plugins too. 

Downtime can be from either user side or web hosting provider side too. 

How To Prevent The Downtime Issues From Website’s Owner Side?

Look at the possible ways that can help in prevention of the downtime. 

Make use of the content delivery network

Content delivery network is a web of interconnected servers which are globally distributed. They are mainly for storing the static files of the website that helps in quick delivering of the content from network to its proximal location. 

Thus, it minimizes the data travel and instead speeds up the loading time too. Also, it would also reduce the DDoS attack to your website too.

Normally the WordPress web hosting providers offer CDN feature in default. But if you cannot locate it out, ask for CDN. 

Update the themes and plugin of your WordPress website

No doubt, your WordPress website is getting more audience for its excellent presentation. Its credit goes to the themes and plugins. 

But these two feature can also be equally responsible for causing website downtime too. mostly the issue of incompatibility arises due to the code mismatch. The result can be website damaging.

But not to worry. There are ways you can prevent this condition. 

Go through the plugins updates and go through the plugins documentation for discovering any issues about that plugin.

WordPress web hosting

Make sure you do regular back-ups.

Implement the technique of automatic back-up solutions. it would make a safety boundary and prevent the downtime issue too. There are many tools that can help in scheduling the automatic back-ups which would be automatically updated once any updates come up. 

Take safety measures seriously 

Keeping your website safe is primary need to prevent downtime. Mostly applicable for the ecommerce websites where online transactions are commonly carried out. Make use of safety plugins, activate the firewall and get your website maintained. Regular monitoring of the website is very important. WordPress web hosting service in Kolkata can take up this responsibility of undergoing the security check-ups for clients.


To check the down-time you can make use of tools available online. Mostly these tools send alerts if there are server issues or any downtime problems. You must get a reliable tool to ensure your website’s performance.

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