How To Choose The Best Domain?

If you are looking for a low cost domain registration and hosting, this write up is perfect for you. Here you have some tips that will help you and guide you to get the best website domain registration India. Without further ado, let’s start.

  • Keep it simple

It’s best to avoid complication, clever wording, homophones, numbers, double letters, and long or hard to spell words. The rule is that a straightforward domain name is easy to remember and increases brand recognition. Additionally, it’s better to use common words rather than obscure acronyms. Also, avoid using actual numbers and dashes between words.

  •  Shorter is better

While your domain name can theoretically be up to 67 characters long, this is definitely one area of life where shorter is better. While there are many advantages to shorter domains, the most prominent are ease of remembering the domain, and less chance of error from typos or misspellings. 

  • Ask for advice and feedbacks

The most important piece of advice that can be given to most clients regarding domain name selection is to think long and hard about all of the previous tips above. But at the end of the day, your domain is going to be used by humans. People who are prone to making typing mistakes, can’t quite remember your domain, and who try anything they can in Google. Always be sure to receive feedback from at least three different people to confirm that their reactions and feedback meet with your approval to proceed with the domain purchase.

  • Using keywords for search engine optimization

The best rule of thumb is to buy a domain that closely matches your business name. This may not be available or you may want more industry related keywords in your domain.

  • Choose company names and brand names

Whenever possible, register your company name as your URL. On average most small to medium business websites have brand related keywords for their top 10 keywords in major search engines. This means people are using your business name or product name first when looking for your website. It also doesn’t hurt to lock down your individual product names for future use.


If you think of a good domain name, there is a high statistical chance that someone else is going to eventually come up with that exact same thought. If you have a great idea and are sitting on it, just go grab the domain, as they are relatively cheap and if you don’t need the domain, you can always let it expire after the first year or two.

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