How to Choose a Domain Reseller Company?

Domain reseller services are preferred by beginners in the online market when they want the TLDs domain names. The TLDs domains like .com or .net are always in demand and highly expensive. Getting your domain registered with a reseller can reduce your cost considerably.

To do this job, you need to get the service of a trusted company. How will you choose a reliable domain reseller company? Here we have listed a few check-points to help you decide on a reseller.

Choosing a reliable domain reseller company

There are several reseller companies around you that offer a great deal on domains. But you need more than just an exclusive price when it comes to domain registration.

Certain things that you can check to make an informed decision are-

1. Understanding reseller packages and inclusions:

Of course, the best way to find a reliable reseller is to take quotation from different resellers and compare them. First, you need to understand your reseller requirements. Then, understand what each of them has to offer and the price along with that. The features of their domain services will help you choose.

2. Reseller Authentication:

Does the reseller you choose have proper ICANN certification? Resellers mostly use the white-labeled service of domain registration companies. The company they use must have proper certification before laying off any service.

3. Add-on benefits:

What add-on benefit does your reseller offer you? The most preferred add-on service that you require is web hosting support along with an e-mail account. All these are essential or maintaining high traffic on your website.

4. Option for customization:

Everyone needs customization in today’s world to create the best website. See if your reseller is willing to extend customization offers.

Features a reseller must possess

When you hire the best reseller for your domain, check if your service provider comes with these features.

  • Offer instant activation of the domain after signing up
  • 24×7 on-call customer support team to handle technical issues for the package tenure
  • TLDs domains at the best price
  • White-labeled domain selling identity
  • A well-managed control panel for domain operation
  • Free protection from malware and data hacking

All these points are essentials to ensure that you have a reliable reseller at your service.


You can always check the reviews of your reseller before you hire domain registration services. But ensuring the features of the reseller in person gives more confidence.

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