How Dedicated Server Provide Unlimited Growth Opportunity For A Company

For hosting a website, you need to have a server with sufficient storage, RAM, CPU, and necessary software. There can be various types of hosting services, like shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting. Among all the different types of hosting services, the dedicated server hosting solution offered by Infosky Solutions can easily be the best for various reasons.

What is a Dedicated Server?

In simple language, a Dedicated Server is meant for use by a single company and cannot be shared by other clients. With a shared web hosting service, the disk space and the bandwidth of the server are distributed among several users, and it can be a significant limitation for a growing company. The clients can easily customize a Dedicated Server for its need for CPU, RAM, software, bandwidth, or the disk space. A company can choose its operating language easily and also can scale up the server as the company grows with a Dedicated Server.

It can provide enhanced security:

Security of customers is of paramount importance mainly when the company is collecting sensitive data from its clients.  For a company engaged in selling things online, it is all the more critical that customers feel secure about their payment details. Shared web hosting can be dangerous in this area of security as, and it is possible to get hacked in such type of web hosting service.

Also, the shared servers do not involve the clients in their updates or even in the firewall, or also in antivirus installations. The Dedicated hosting service ensures that there is optimal security for the storage of user information and provide the security upgrades in time. Further, there can be enhanced security if you opt for a managed dedicated server, and it can come handy in terms of software installation, security upgrades, and maintenance.

It can handle increased traffic load:

 It is essential for a website to manage the increased capacity of traffic easily for further success and to scale up operations. With a shared web hosting, it can be a real problem, and there can be frequent outages that can turn away the customers, whereas a Dedicated Hosting service can comfortably accommodate a considerable number of traffics easily.

Faster page loading:

A poor page load time can significantly deter the customers from visiting a website, and there can be loss of Business. Also, slow page loading is not favored by the search engines, and here you can be benefited if you hire a Linux dedicated server.

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