High Time To Become Highly Aware Of Cheap Domain Registration Websites

If you are looking ahead for cheap domain registration, then you might be considering a couple of things into your mind. There is an old saying according to which in case anything sounds to be too good, then there is a probability that it is. Domain Registration is not at all different from others.

Hosting Is The Main Thing

Are you wondering to look ahead for anything special? Then hosting is the main thing. As you know that domain registration India is an important activity, but in order to have a web page associated with that domain is another important task. In order to have a web page, you need a hosting account.

Since majority of people who purchase a domain are planning ahead to have at least an email with that domain, some domain registering companies offer real cheapest domain registration finally not allowing you to change the name servers for a certain amount of time. By the way, in order to point your domain towards a hosting account, you need to associate name servers with that domain.

Opting For Domain Registration With A Certain Company

You may opt for the domain registration procedure with a certain company A and get a hosting account from another company namely B. Afterwards you may change the name servers on your domain at A to point towards B. Finally your website is now available at B. But, in case A sells you the domain for really a cheap price, you can bet that there is a catch and ensure that you cannot change name servers for a few months.

As a result, most of the people end up going ahead finally hosting their website at A and by the time, they can easily change the name servers for a different hosting and domain registering company. It is a way towards high headache and they remain stuck where they are at. It is high time to think about the same for a few minutes!

Easily Finding Of A Good Place

You can easily find a place out there on the web that will let you purchase a domain for Rs. 2,000 for a year; but you may get stuck sitting on it until you can easily change your name servers, or simply host your site for a large fees. Also you may go ahead and go to a reputable domain provider and pay Rs.10,000 for one year registration finally freeing yourself from worrying.

It may cost a few more for a year! But in case cheap place ends up charging you an extra amount a month for hosting than other places, or worse not yet offering the same service that a cheaper hosting place can, then you are much worsened off. Not to mention, in case you register the same for a year, you may want an email around the time you need to re-register in order to keep that particular domain name.

Better Picking Up A Good Domain Registration Company

Some places may or may not do that; but it is really handy especially if you hold several domains. Hence, it is better to pick up a good domain booking company along with a good hosting company and stick to them. It will definitely rove to be an easy task for you in the long run!

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