Get Familiarity With The Different Terms Connected With Domain Registration

The importance of proper Domain Registration might be clear to you by now. Unless you do your Domain Registration properly, the success of your Website in the online world is remote. The Registration of the Domain following proper procedures and rules as well as knowing the tricks of the trade is absolutely important to make your presence felt in the online world. But unless you know the terms associated with the procedure of domain registration and the meaning and importance of the terms, you are likely to commit a serious mistake which may be impossible for you to correct. SO our attempt here in this article is to familiarize you with the different terms involved in the process of Domain Registration.

The Registrant of the Domain:

The person who wants to register his Domain or Website with a Registrar is called a Registrant and all responsibilities of the Domain and the ownership of the Domain is desirable to be lying with the Domain Registrant after successful completion of the domain name registration. As a Domain Registrant, it is the responsibility of the Registrant to sign all the terms and clause and to pay the fees of the Registration and therefore the responsibility of the Registrant to know the details terms and conditions is absolutely important to complete the Domain Registration properly. There may be cases where the Registrars of the Domains put their own names on behalf of the Registrant and there the problem starts as the ownership of the Domain will be lying with the Registrar and not you and you may have to dance to the tunes of the Registrar after the Domain Registration. If you find that your Domain Registrar is not allowing you to become the Domain Registrant, you should seek to find another Domain Registrar.

Domain Registrar:

A domain register is an authorised body who performs the activity of the Domain Registration. A Domain Registration should be accredited by ICANN who is the authorised body who gives authorization to companies for selling different Domain Names. It is very important for you to check whether the company whom you are approaching for cheapest domain registration is authorised by ICANN to sell Domain Names. However, you should remember that there is a different body looking for country specific domains and i can be different from the body looking for general Domain Registration. As an example, Registration for .ca Domain Name is entrusted on CIRA. The Root-Zone Whois Information at IANA website gives a list of authorities name for country specific Domains.

It is often beneficial to the registrar a Domain Name from a separate Registrar and the Web Hosting from a separate company. By doing so, you get the full control of Domain and you are in the charge of your Domain. You are in a position to change your domain provider in the case of any disagreement with the service provider. If you read the terms and conditions properly before signing, you will be able to change your Registrar without any cost involved and without any problem as and when desired by you.

The DNS or the Domain Name Server:

The purpose of the Domain Name Server which is normally located in the Web Hosting Company where you are hosting your Domain is to keep track of the Domains and their corresponding IP addresses which are hosted on that server. However, if you do not have the DNS in place during Domain Registration, you may use the DNS of your domain registering company temporarily. Once you have the DNS in place, you need update the information of the DNS with your Domain Registration Company.

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