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In the Internet naming system, an URL or Uniform Resource Locator plays the most important role of navigating in the internet and take the customers to the destination like a navigational driver takes its passengers to the correct address. There are several parts of an URL and the Domain is one of the most important compositions of the URL nomenclature. Before coming to the topic of Domain Registration directly, it will be better to discuss a little about the things which are very important for building a proper domain registration.

URL Structure:

The URL begins with an identifier of the protocol which indicates what protocol to be used. The second part of the URL indicates the name of a resource. The resource signifies the IP address or the name of the Domain. The identifier of the protocol and the resource name are normally separated by colon followed by two forward slashes. For a typical domain there may be two protocols and respective protocols need to be fetched for getting a webpage. The last part of the URL is after the dot which indicates a top level domain and considered to be most important for obtaining a good domain name and for optimizing domain registration in India. In fact the TLD often become the kingmaker for making the Domain a hot favourite for SEO tool and though costly, a known and popular TLD helps a long way to give a Domain a unique identity.

Domain Registration:

A Domain need to be registered as per guideline of ICANN, the apex body of internet governance. ICANN has set rules for Internet operations and suitable monitor the system lest it may be mishandled. To prevent counterfeit Domains, ICANN has created suitable agencies with particular tasks to monitor and implement various tasks to fulfil the objective of trouble free Internet operation. The main responsibility for the domain name registration lies with the Domain Registrars.

A Brief About Domain Registrars:

Domain Registrars get themselves certified by ICANN. In the beginning only one Domain Name Registrar was available. However with the passage of time it became impossible to monitor the activities of the web and increasing demand of domain registration. More and more Domain Registrars are being certified by ICANN these days. Only the accredited Domain Registrar have the authority to access the master data base for the list of the domain names registered.

The Steps You Need To Follow For Registration:

First of all you need to find a Domain Name as per your liking, which you want to register. If you want to find whether the Domain Name is available, you can refer to the WHOIS data. A WHOIS data server has got details of all Domain Names which have been registered. As a second step you need to approach a domain registering company for registering your domain. The name and reputation of the Registrar will decide the cost or fee of domain registration. Normally a fee for one year is charged, however in special cases a maximum period of ten years is granted for domain registration.

As per procedure, you will be asked by the Registrar to furnish valid contact details and identity proofs which will be kept on record. The domain provider keeps the data with the Registry and has the authority of cancelling a Registration in case of a fake identity or other legal issues.

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