How to prevent yourself from new Android malware FjordPhantom

In the fast-changing world of online security, Promon, a leader in mobile security, has uncovered a new threat called FjordPhantom.

FjordPhantom : New Android Malware Threat in Southeast Asia
FjordPhantom : New Android Malware Threat in Southeast Asia

This Android malware uses advanced techniques, like virtualization, to avoid detection and steal important user information.

FjordPhantom targets users in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It tricks users into downloading what looks like a real banking app using email, SMS, and messaging apps.

The unique thing about FjordPhantom is its use of virtualization, a technique not seen before in malware. It creates a hidden space on the device where the malware can operate without being noticed.

Breaking Down How FjordPhantom Works:

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  1. Distribution: FjordPhantom tricks users with fake apps using social engineering.
  2. Virtualization: It hides by creating a secret space for the targeted banking app.
  3. Hooking: The malware adds harmful code to the banking app, allowing it to avoid security measures.
  4. Attack: FjordPhantom steals important information and manipulates user actions in the app.

By using virtualization, FjordPhantom breaks through the usual protection for apps on Android, allowing it to access and control data in the targeted banking app.

Various Tactics for Maximum Impact:

FjordPhantom uses different ways to attack:

  • Accessibility Service Bypass: Steals information from the app’s screen without being noticed.
  • Root Detection Evasion: Hides the presence of Google Play Services to avoid security checks.
  • Dialog Box Suppression: Hides warnings that could alert users to malicious activities.
  • Extensive Data Logging: Watches user activity and app behavior for complete exploitation.

To protect yourself from this evolving threat, follow these careful steps:

  • Source Check: Only download apps from trusted places, avoiding untrusted websites and markets.
  • Security Software Update: Make sure your mobile security software is always up-to-date.
  • Be Cautious: Be careful with suspicious messages and links, and don’t click on unknown attachments.
  • Report Quickly: If you suspect an infection, report it to Promon and your bank right away.

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