Enhance Bulk SMS Impact by Personalizing Messages for Maximum Engagement

It’s an era when Google is loading a page in just 5 seconds. Fast-paced world has no time for the slow-goers. Then why should your business take time to convey about an attractive deal to thousands of customers?

Take up the advantage of personalized bulk sms. Bulk SMS is the process of sending sales/marketing related SMS to registered customers. It is a permission-based marketing way where registered customers want to receive notification and updates about the brand. It has revolutionized the process of customer interaction without calling or disturbing them. 

But how to make yourself different from other promotional messages a customer receives?

Well, that is what you should know about in this blog. You tie-up with the best bulk SMS provider in the town and follow these ways. Surely, your business will get a big result out of it.  

How To Make Use of Bulk SMS To the Fullest?

It is one of the key features of bulk SMS that you get the freedom of personalize each and every messages. A SMS addressed with the customer’s name is far more noticeable than just a normal SMS. It would also impart a more engaging experience, where the open rate is also high. 

The personalization is done based on the customer’s data you have. Some other aspects which are considered are the gender, geographical locations, previous interaction with the business or even buying behaviour too. 

Here are some ways to integrate the SMS:

  • Customer segmentation: divide your customers based on your marketing strategies. Like if you are giving discounts on female clothes, address your female customers directly.  Or you can even refer your male customers to buy for their female family member.   For example: “50% off on female section at our XXX stores! Make your mother/sister/wife happy with our new collection”
  • Input a clear call to action: call to action is a must in SMS. It saves up time and bring the customers directly to your website.  For example: “Buy right now,” “Book now” or “Sign up”
  • Time matters a lot: keep a track on the suitable time when the customer’s engagement is highest.

Personalized Bulk SMS

Customize The Engagement- Make It Personal

Think of a SMS- where each words are so written which shows that it is written just for you. The SMS sounds like the offer is only for you. 

If you are marketing for web hosting service, here is how you can craft your bulk SMS:

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It addresses the customer directly, written as if particularly for her, and includes a direct call to action to the website. 

Make Fullest Use Of FOMO

Do you know about FOMO? Well, it’s a new Genz word- fear of missing out. This acts as a motivator. In any bulk SMS campaign, applying the FOMO for free subscription, new launch discounts or free trial can be highly beneficial.


Bulk SMS marketing is not only about a single process. Keep on optimizing various strategies. You can also apply A/B testing methods for better feedback. Take consultation from best bulk SMS provider who has experience in right application.

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