Domain Resellers in India – The First Point of Contact While Starting a Website

Whenever you start a website, the services you need are domain names, web hosting services, website development, and designing help. If you are into eCommerce, then a VPN or secured server commitment is necessary. 

Every new website owner requires the Top Level Domain names for their website. The “.com” or “.in” domains fall under this category. They are always in demand and expensive.

Usually, there is a budget clash when it comes to availing at TLD for your website. We have seen cases when the start-up website fails to access a TLD and doesn’t get the required exposure. Clearly, it is a benefit to have a TLD for your website. 

But how can you achieve it when it’s so expensive and mostly unavailable?

The answer is a domain reseller service.

Understand by a domain reseller service?

A domain reseller is a 3rd party organization that offers you domain registration support through an ICANN-registered domain registrar India.

Domain reseller work on a commission basis with domain registrars. They buy products from domain operators and sell them to buyers at a higher profit. These people usually make their margins from the registration cost. 

Now, imagine you need a “.com” or “.in” domain for your website to have more impact on your readers, but it is not available in the market. The majority of the times, the TLD domains are sold out or not available. Even if you are ready to pay high, wouldn’t it be a fantastic option if you have a reseller to help you there? 

What should we look for in a domain reseller company? 

If you plan to hire a domain reseller company for your website, look for the offers they provide on each category of a domain. The basic features that make these packages attractive are- 

  • The cost of setting up your domain name domain is free. 
  • Get instant domain activation support. 
  • They offer a 24/7 customer Technical Support team to handle various domain-related queries. 
  • Resellers offer great packages for top-level domains, a special offer discounts as well the majority of the top domain resellers offer the protection support for free.
  • Top reseller offers fully manage control panel for you to win the best companies offer white labelling options to the clients buying domains from them. 

If you’re still looking for the best domain names for your website, go for a domain reseller service and enjoy seamless access to top domains India. 

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