Domain Registration From The Inception

Out in due course of time, man has evolved a platform where they interact with each other without physically being present. Since the advent of the computer, the computer performs the tough tasks which previously required the physical labour of man. The internet has been the most powerful tool used by the computer. The internet provides as a basis of timeline, market and social networking providing with all useful ingredients to have the work done.

What is domain registration?

Domain registration is the acquiring of a domain name registration which specifically serves as the rememberable address on the internet. Domain registration had its advent in 1993 enacted by the U.S. Department of Commerce who sought of registering domain names and its associated IP’s in a centralized database. Domain registration by domain registration India consists of registering a domain name and its extension like .com, .org, .net, .in and so on and so forth.

Requirements of registering a domain

To register a domain, one has to follow in exquisite steps along. Firstly, one person, to register, can do so under a domain provider who has the presumed authority to assign and advocate domain names. Well domains are basically considered as the URL. Now URL is known as the domain name. The first criterion of this whole process is the name you are using for your website or blog must be unique. A unique and an easy to remember domain name registered by cheapest domain registration would be an apt choice for the person doing so. Secondly, it is important to choose a proper extension. Extensions vary from user to user and the purpose of the website. The extension will determine what kind of a website is actually being used. These extensions that you will be using for your website or blog are very much expensive. The price is not equal for every extension but higher for few and lesser for few. On the other hand the extensions also carry significant meaning according to their names. A dot net website is generally used by an educational institution and a dot org website is generally used by a business organisation.

Advantages of having a registered domain

The most important advantage that a registered domain gives you is exclusive copyrights thus setting aside your website from the rest if registered domain registering company. It gives the website an identity which is very important when one is having a website built up for e-commerce purposes. It helps the customer to remember your website. One also gets the advantage of having a short URL. Long URL’s are time consuming and very tough to remember so one having a website with a registered domain name makes it simple for the other party to use and remember.


Having a registered domain from a well known domain booking company name is a very expensive job, so one always has to understand and do what is best for him and for the upliftment of his website. It requires a lot of investment and by the end of the day one expects a fruitful value for money. Being careful and having a cutting edge over the reseller would give an upper hand to the person and would prove pivotal for him.

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