Demand For A Domain Registration Is Going To Increase In The Coming Days

Yes, you have heard it right. The search for a domain reseller is on both by general people or by businessmen, organisations, etc. Even the Domain Registrars are also looking for domain reseller. Why it is so?

To elaborate, it should be clear in mind that the process of domain registration involves a number of steps. ICANN, the apex approving authority for Domain Registration have defined the steps. In its WHOIS data, the steps are clearly spelt out by ICANN.

Any person or organisation who is looking to register his domain for various purposes, may be for building web site, or opening an email managed personally, or even deciding to keep the domain as it is for future use, has to submit details about his personal information to the Registrar. These information include, Name, permanent address, address for correspondence, contact number etc. The required proof for the information submitted should also be provided. The Domain Registrar need to verify the application and authenticate the documents submitted before forwarding the application for domain name registration services to the Registry. With the increasing rush for opening a new domain, the volume of work becomes very big. Therefore the Domain Registrar looks for a suitable domain reseller.

Procedure Involved

After identifying the host who is selling domain, the Reseller will have to register them with the domain provider. Subsequent to the data submitted by the domain reseller, and verification of the data by the Registrar, one Identity document will be issued in the name of the domain reseller.

The Reseller need to activate the ID provided to him by depositing required charges as required for a particular plan. Once you activate the account, your account is opened and you are ready to start your business.

The Advantages Of Choosing A Domain Reseller Business:

There are many advantages for domain reseller business. While the domain registering company needs accreditation from ICANN, it is not necessary for a domain reseller to get accredited by ICANN. Domain Registrar is authorised to sell domains to domain reseller. While the Reseller does most of the jobs on behalf of the Registrar, the responsibility and accountability of the domains sold lie with the Registrar.

Moreover, you can decide the various options for managing your cheapest domain registration business. For this you need to select a suitable interface for selling. Normally you will find various templates which provides you lot of options to choose for a selling interface. Once a suitable interface is chosen, configuring the account will be of great importance. The configuration will depend on your choice of selling option including the prices set for selling.

Need To Promote Your Reselling Program Effectively

When you have completed the basic activities, the main thrust now should hover around the search for effective solution to promote your reselling business. The most effective promotion tool is website search engine. Optimisation of search engine if properly done goes a long way to attract increasing number of traffic to your website. The more is the traffic, the more will be the chances of people purchasing their domain from your domain registration India business.

Also apart from using the SEO tool, you may think of using paid to click program. This is very popular now a day and chances of people visiting your site will increase manifold times.

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