Concept Of Network Layers In Terms Of Web Hosting

Web hosting totally depends upon network as it provides you internet hosting, so it is very important to talk about the network layers in terms of web hosting. Web hosting is nothing but renting server space to upload your web files now this uploading of web files have so many programs and technology behind it and network layers holds a huge impact on web hosting. Cause if networks layers are not working right you web hosting may be of no use and your site might go down, so it is important to know how does this network layers acts in web hosting.

Brief Idea On How Does This Network Layer Works:

  • Basically we use link state routing concept for uploading web files. Web hosting India use this concept of uploading file with the help of packet switching networking in server and client communication.
  • Link state routing works by have website tells every website on the network about the closest neighbors. Here the partition done between the website is virtually no physical layers are there. The entire web hosting services is not distributed from any router only a part of the table containing its neighbors.
  • As every website knows everything about the network by structuring the information from the network layer it can calculate the best path to any host on any destination network, so you can say this is the basic strategy of linux web hosting providers to find the shortest path to give the hosting capability for your website.
  • The web hosting facility helps to broadcast the every website that can answer to this protocol known as flooding. Which means it helps a website owner to send his website information world wide so that everyone can access it.
  • When web hosting providers gives you your own server space so that you can upload your web files, in that case the provider must need to have a client server architecture. client server architecture can be of many type but for web hosting we generally use DNS server architecture.

Web Hosting company your website an up time which actually means how much time your website is on without going down, this up time requires a session connection be established before any data can be sent. This method is known as reliable network service. It guarantee you that your website will arrive in the same order as you want. Connection oriented services setup virtual links between end system through a network.

We can represent each website as a node in web hosting table which have knowledge about all other nodes in the table. Every website broadcast a message to its directly connected network containing its personal list of distance. This is how network layers works in windows web hosting company and network layer is a must have for achieving a smoothing web hosting service.

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