Bulk SMS Gateway Is The Latest Concept Of Mass Texting

It was in December 1992, when the first short message was sent to a mobile network through a PC. It was done in Vodafone network. Since then the growth of SMS has been unabated and among the various wireless technologies, undoubtedly SMS can be ranked as number 1.

It has been surveyed that the usage of SMS which accounts for around 80 percent of ARPU or average revenue per user, has remained steady over the years even though there has been emergence of other communication ways and technologies. Bulk SMS India has been found to be a very convenient way of communication, it is also being used as a great tool for marketing business and also other forms of business which requires communication.

The advent of bulk sms gateway is an offshoot of these developments. People started wondering about the possibilities of using SMS in a bulk to reduce the job load, to place it is a prominent marketing tool and to make the communication system much cheaper. This has resulted in the advent of bulk SMS service provider.

Bulk SMS Can Be Generated From Your Web Page:

Bulk SMS provider can operate from your PC or your web page and can be transmitted to your mobile in SMS form. For this a suitable Application program interface or API is required which should be able to convert HTTP to SMS language and if you can back your web page with a suitable scripting language like PHP, you won’t find it difficult to send SMS.

How Bulk SMS Gateway Operates?

Normally number of characters in an SMS is around 140 to 160.. The SMS doesn’t have any graphics and images. The SMSC receives the messages through the bulk SMS gateway provider and SMSC takes the responsibility of sending these messages to the intended cell phone after converting it into necessary language.

Role Of SMSC:

In order to send bulk SMS service, the SMSC sends a request to the HLR or home location register, and will decide the location of the customer, whether he is in station or he is in roaming. Upon receipt of the request, HLR after checking the status gives feedback to SMSC. Depending on the typr of response, SMSC decides whether to hold the message or send it. SMSC also receives the confirmation once the message is received by the end user and do not send the message again.

The Service Provider Is Always With You:

The beautiful aspect of promotional bulk SMS provider is that it can be run by small scale businessmen, unemployed persons, self employed persons and even by the persons who are illiterate and does not have any formal education. Why it is so? Because, the program of Bulk SMS Gateway, is already built and tailor made. You do not really have much scope do some amazing things. Moreover, whenever you feel the need for doing something in the bulk SMS gateway operations, the transactional bulk SMS provider comes to your help with all the technical support they have. All requirement of software and necessary tool are normally provided by the service provider and therefore it is a hassle free business.

Please feel free to visit a bulk sms gateway service provider to make your doubts clear before you venture in this business.

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