How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Website Speed with the Right Cloud Hosting

Digitalization has completely changed the entire scenario of the online business world. Amidst the relentless competition of online stores, it is crucial to drive traffic to your ecommerce website. No doubt, with the open-secret tools of SEO strategies, you can attract and retain customers successfully. 

Besides SEO, another factor that plays a highly influential role is ecommerce web hosting. While hosting an ecommerce website, the company takes care of website speed, scalability, responsiveness, and website reliability. 

With the right hosting company, you can bring in substantial difference in your website performance. 

If you are an ecommerce business owner, this blog can convey you few unknown facts. Read to know about the optimization of the ecommerce website speed with the right ecommerce web hosting package.

The Speed Factors- Must read 

Do you know who is the villain of your website’s optimization?

It’s the website’s slow speed!!

Being one of the important Google ranking factors, website speed measures the web page loading time.

Slow speed can significantly decrease the page’s engagement and thus affect the traffic too.  An interested buyer visiting your website would like to see the results within flash of light. Otherwise, they would go back and would never come back. 

Thus, your sales and profits go down!

ecommerce website speed

How to Optimize the Page’s Loading Speed?

To nullify the negative impact on the website, you must optimize your website for better speed. Here are some ways:

Compress and reduce images and use lite-embedded videos

An online store has lots of images of products that are important. But the size of the images is important. Compressing the images without impacting the quality can be one way to reduce slower page loading. You can make use of tools available online for compressing and resizing images.

This is also applicable to videos too. Use lite- an embedded video that would save up website resources. These videos would only interact when the customer wants to watch. 

Minification of codes

It is a technique that free up the website space by removing unnecessary things like white space, unnecessary punctuation, line breaks, etc. As a result, it cuts down the file size as well as the usage of the bandwidth. Hence the website would load much faster. 

Consult with the ecommerce website hosting experts to minify the website codes.

Remove any broken links

Check your website for broken links. They led to web pages that do not exist. Ecommerce websites often have multiple broken links. You can make use of plugins for identifying broken links. They are frustrating for users.

So, minimize the redirects and 404 ERRORS (broken links) and boost up the page speed.

Get the Content Delivery Network (CDN)

It’s an unseen backbone of the internet that helps the ecommerce website distribute the online content to regional servers. Thus, they reduce the content jam and increase the website loading speed. Also, it provides enhanced website security. 

Choosing the right hosting platform

For website page speed optimization, you need to choose the right hosting platform. Opting for ultra-fast servers would maximize the loading time and boost the customer’s experience. InfoSky Solutions offers Ecommerce web hosting with the latest framework and secured payment gateway. You can get 4 types of hosting packages suitable for different ecommerce websites. Choose as per your requirements.

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