All About Domain Registration

One essential element of any website is its domain name. It’s what people type into the address bar of their web browsers in order to access a specific site, and it’s a major part of the site owner’s online identity. For companies that do business exclusively online, a domain name can become synonymous with the company itself.

Here, you will know about what a domain is and how it works. Let’s see what top domain Registration Company has in store for you.

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name uniquely identifies a website, and it can’t be shared with other websites. If you look in your browser’s address bar, you’ll see the domain name of the site you’re visiting.

While a domain name is associated with a website, it’s not right to think of them as the same thing. Every website also has an IP address, which is its official identifier on the Internet, but IP addresses are just a series of numbers. Accessing a website using its IP address instead of a readable domain name would not be an effective way for people to use the internet.

When your website is created, you, your web developer, or your hosting company will associate the site’s IP address with the domain name you purchase. This is not a permanent decision—if you buy a different domain name in the future, it’s simple to redirect your website to the new domain.

What Is A Domain Registrar?

A domain registrar is one half of a two-part supply chain for internet domains, managing the reservation and registration of domain names.The other half of the chain is a registry, also known as a top-level domain registry, which controls all registrations for a given domain, like .com or .org, for example.

Domain name registries maintain all registration records, and they contract with domain registrars to manage registrations in the marketplace. All registrars must be accredited by a registry, and a registrar must conduct business in accordance with the rules of the registry they’re associated with.

As a website owner, you’ll choose a registrar, select a domain name, and pay them a fee. In return, the registrar will maintain the domain registration under your name.


Your company’s online presence starts with your domain name. It’s how people access your website and it can help your business stand out on the web. Another way your domain can help your business is by meshing with your social media marketing efforts. 

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