A Few Hacks to find the Best Domain Booking Company in 2020

Are you looking for the best domain booking company for your website in 2020? You need to know the way these companies are currently working. You also need to be aware of the new norms for domain registration in 2020.

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In this article we have all these details mentioned. You can now easily choose a domain registration company for your website.

Who can get your domain name registered?

If you want to hire a professional for domain name registration services, the first thing you need to know is the credibility of a company to get the job done. Not every company related to web development is licensed to provide you with a registered domain name. You need approach a company that has been certified by ICANN.

This has become a mandate in 2020.

How can you choose the right domain name registration company?

When you want services like domain name registration, a few points that you always check are the location of the company and the price charged. Of course, you would like to approach a company near to you and also someone who offers great deal for the job.

But there are other check-points to keep in mind as well.

Here are a few more points, which when checked will help you to find the right domain registrar near you-

1. Pricing of the serviced based on the period of contract:

We understand that the charges for domain registration placed by the company will play a vital factor in deciding the course of action. But you really need to check on the contract period. What is the duration of the services they are providing?

The minimum duration of a contract needs to be 1 year, and it can be a maximum of 10 years. If you are changing a domain, you need to check the charges applicable for transfer of domain.

2. Transferring a domain:

As per ICANN, you are not permitted to change a domain name in less than a span of 60 days. Post that phase, it should be easy job.

Check if the company you are choosing imposes any extra fees for this transfer. It is simple process and no extra fees should be applicable.

3. Policies on expiration of domain name:

What are the contract terms regarding the expiration and renewal of the domain name you have? Good companies often offer automatic renewal of the name.

4. Extra Services:

Is the company offering anything extra? Check if they agree to offer additional services like web hosting, e-mail hosting, etc. at a reduced rate.


Choosing a company to get your domain name registered is not a difficult job. You just need to approach a few companies and check the their credentials and price charts before you decide.

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