A Basic Guide For Your Professional Photography Blog

Are you ready to take the plunge and launch your photography blog?

This guide will teach you how to build a photography blog step by step. You will also discover advice on how to monetize and market your blog. As well as more resources to assist you.

Mostly, the first step comes as the topic choice. But as you are focused on your blog category i.e., photography so you are already one step ahead. We will just dive into the next step which is picking up a suitable domain name.

Photography Blog

Choose a hosting provider and register your domain.

Several photographers’ websites are just FirstnameLastname.com. There. The first step has been completed. What is the issue? Hundreds of millions of domain names have been registered. and it’s possible that yours is already taken.

So here you can go creative and have some alternative options too.

Do you have a photography website? Make the blog part of it

You have two alternatives if you want your blog to be a part of your corporate website. You have the option of creating a subdomain or subdirectories.

A subdomain is a subcategory of your main domain. Whereas subdirectories are domain divisions that represent distinct pages on your website.

Pick up the hosting providers

Registering your name and signing up for hosting in the same location will make your life easier. That implies your first decision will be deciding on a web host. Simply choose a dependable shared hosting package from a reputed web hosting provider in Pune that allows you to get your site up and operating as cheaply as possible.

You must select a website hosting service that offers the appropriate speed, support, and security. When you join up with a hosting company, you have the option of creating a new domain, subdomain, and subdirectory or connecting an existing one. Surely that would be a part of the technical team of the company who will handle this.

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