7 Steps to Starting a Reseller Hosting Company

Do you want your company to be established as the best reseller web hosting company in your area? If you want something  great in the field of reseller web hosting, then we have the best guide to help you set up the company of your dreams.

Setting up a reseller business might not be a difficult job. But whether you have taken the right decision will play a vital role in deciding if your company will be the best in the market.

7 tips to set up the best reseller hosting business:

1. Choosing the right business plan for reseller business:

To be one of the top reseller web hosting companies, you need to have a proper business plan first. Ask yourself these simple questions and make a business plan accordingly –

  • Are you starting the web hosting reseller business from scratch?
  • Are you hosting websites of your own?
  • Is the reseller business aimed at acquiring fun and for the purpose of testing?

Knowing how you want the business to work is the steppingstone to the entire plan.

2. Never buy a cheapest hosting plan:

You will come across several web hosting companies interested in reselling their services. Never buy the cheapest one in the market. Do the homework well to understand the technical necessities of the business. Instead of the cheapest option, look for the features covering-

  • Control Panel
  • Isolated installations
  • Domain name for free
  • Basic offers like free account for e-mail, FTP, etc.
  • SSL certification.

3. Corporate billing:

A corporate billing system is the key to many of the financial issues in your business. Having an established system for billing enables automation of the management procedure. This gives more professionalism for your business.

4. Support System:

To provide good reseller hosting service, it is important that you have a support system to provide your clients with 24×7 email technical backup. You should be able to sort reseller web hosting issues of your clients in less than 30 minutes. In case you are unable to do so due to manpower shortage then consider outsourcing.

5. Let the nameservers be private:

Private nameserver gives a professional look. You can now migrate your clients account for web hosting without modifications. Only the IP address of the host needs to be changed in this case.

6. Certification:

Before you start providing your service to customers, install an SSL certificate for the reseller services. This gives more business opportunities.

7. Trust seals:

Trust seals like your credentials  from leading companies  like BBB, increases the trust factor for your clients. It proves that you meet the e-commerce standards for reselling the online hosting services.


The process if very simple if you seriously want to start a reseller web hosting career. You just need to focus on the essentials.

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