5-Reason Linux Web Hosting Is Best For WordPress Websites

Across the world, more than 60 million websites are built in WordPress, and it is near 34% of all sites on the web. The statistic is enough to prove the popularity of the WordPress CMS platform to date. Now, akin to 34% of WordPress owners if you want to launch a site with a WordPress CMS platform then it is high time to know the best web hosting plan for your site.  So, if your ideas are hovering and unable to decide between a Linux web hosting company or a Windows web hosting company, this blog has come to your rescue.

Linux Web Hosting for WordPress

Besides a good WordPress theme, its features, and navigation ease; the webserver hosting plan and its operating system can impact the site’s running time as well as the way the site behaves. When a compatible serve OS can help your WordPress site to run smoothly; an incompatible OS can cause it badly. When it is all about choosing the web hosting plan for a WordPress-built website; Linux web hosting and its operating system is better than best for WordPress sites. Let us know Why Linux web hosting is the best for WordPress hosting,

  1. Best Web Server OS: Linux is the best OS for WordPress. It typically uses tools like Apache, PHP, MySQL, and FTP (File Transfer Protocol). WordPress easily and smoothly runs on PHP.
  2. No License Cost: Linux does not ask for any licensing cost. Thus, running your WordPress site on Linux web hosting is affordable and well-managed. Even, if you choose a popular Linux web hosting company, Infosky Solutions then you can have a dashboard that makes your WordPress web hosting server easy to manage.
  3. Open-Source Platform: Like WordPress, Linux is also an open-source platform. Thus, it costs less, lowers the cost of software, maintenance cost, offers abundant support, and is easy to scale and consolidate whenever you need for.
  4. Stability & Flexibility: Linux web server hosting is more stable as well as reliable. When it is all about adaptability with the WordPress platform or environment of the server space, Linux is better than the best.
  5. Security: Linux web hosting server is an open-source web hosting. Thus, security mishaps can be found easily and fixed on the spot. You don’t need to count on any in-house operations to fix the faults.

To Cut Long Story Short,

Linux web hosting server is the best choice for WordPress sites as it is well-suited with PHP and MySQL database. Even, both are open-source platforms and easy to manage.

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