5 Don’ts That You Must Be Following For Bulk SMS

SMS marketing, often known as text message marketing, is one of the most effective methods of engaging clients, capturing their attention, and gaining their loyalty. We’ll provide a few noteworthy data points to back up this claim:

  1. 98% of SMS messages are read and opened.
  2. 90% of text messages are read within three minutes.
  3. Mobile coupons have a 10X better redemption rate than printed coupons.

Considering all of this, it may appear simple to utilise SMS for marketing objectives. But, communicating successfully using SMS necessitates some effort. Yet, SMS marketing, like any other marketing activity, has its own set of regulations as well as good and poor practices. Here are the top 5 SMS marketing Don’ts that you must follow while taking up the service from the bulk SMS service provider in Thane.

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1. Do not overload clients with messages.

The timing is critical, but so is the frequency. Never send a message only to indicate you’re sending one. Be silent if you don’t have anything helpful to speak or share. Your SMS marketing messages must provide value and immediate advantage to individuals who have signed in to receive your SMS communications. Otherwise, you’ll irritate folks and eventually lose subscriptions. Keep in mind that less is more!

2. Don’t Text at the Inappropriate Time

SMS marketing allows you to communicate with customers in real time. 90% of texts are read within five minutes of being received. This is why you should send communications at the times when you expect recipients to view them and act on them.

3. Text abbreviations should be avoided.

Despite having only 160 characters to work with, texting abbreviations are problematic in professional communication. Note that not everyone understands texting slang. Although it may appear to be more sensible to take advantage of the restricted area, you risk confusing your consumers. You may even turn them off so they can properly grasp your message. If your audience doesn’t understand what you’re saying, they will either disregard the message or, worse, unsubscribe. Professionalism in SMS marketing communication must be maintained at a high level. Additionally, improper language might hurt your brand’s reputation.

4. Long, ugly URLs should be avoided.

If you wish to include a link to an article, your YouTube channel, or your website, make it as brief as possible. A lengthy link not only wastes important characters, but also appears exceedingly unprofessional and may be misinterpreted as spam by the recipient. Use short links software provided by the bulk SMS service provider company in Thane to shorten your URL and save some text space.

5. Don’t limit your conversation to one side.

Invite your consumers to communicate with you. To receive SMS, you can utilise long codes, short codes, and dual VMNS. You may text them back to receive a special offer or send surveys for them to complete. This also allows you to construct your opt-in database.


Be careful to explicitly identify your organisation in the SMS message. This is critical to ensuring brand memory and the clarity of your marketing message.

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