4 Tricks You Can Follow When Your Preferred Domain Name Is Not Available

To confirm the availability of your preferred domain name, you can easily visit a reputed low cost domain name registration company’s website at any time. However, what you have chosen may not always be available, which seems to be frustrating for you. So, what should you do if your desired domain name is already obtained?

You are not required to do anything extreme at this point! To identify alternative domain names that are usually similar to your preferred domain name, you just need to follow the six pro strategies outlined below.

A Handful Tips For Finding The Best Alternative Domain Names:

  • Add A Verb To Your Domain Name – Including a verb in your domain name as an action word may be a game changer. Because it does not change the meaning of your brand name, but it serves as a call to action. As an example, suppose your company sells designer sarees and you considered registering ‘designersarees.com’. However, it is not available. Change it to ‘getdesignersarees.com’ by adding a verb as a prefix.

There are several action verbs, such as get/try/go/do, that may be used to generate an ideal domain name depending on the business’s identity.

  • Look At Alternative TLDs (Top-Level Domain) – If you do not want to permanently lose your domain name, your only alternative is to search for another TLD. A TLD is just a domain extension. If your domain name is not available as a ‘.com,’ you might try registering with another domain extension such as.art,.blog,.online,.travel.in,.biz, and many more, which have been accepted by a large number of businesses and are viewed as trustworthy.
  • Add A Hyphen – If your domain name includes two or more words, using a hyphen (-) can be a great solution. However, many people, disagree with the concept of using a hyphen since it disrupts the flow of your brand name and makes it difficult to remember. However, if you don’t want to change your domain name or choose a new TLD, this could be the best option. For example, mercedes-benz.com, Harley-Davidson.com, and coca-cola.com all contain hyphens in their names however remain famous.
  • Develop A List Of New Domain Names – When a specific domain name is not available, one way is to generate new business names that are not related to the original domain. This doesn’t mean you will not have an appropriate website; it just means you are refocusing on your brand.

Instead of making your visitors or potential clients confused with a hyphen or modified URL, use terms relating to your industry. You can incorporate service areas, goods, locations, or an innovative formulation of an existing domain. For example, a Kolkata-based organization called “cafefortealovers” could find that the domain name is already used. In this scenario, that company can use the URL “Kolkatatealovers” or “Onlyfortealovers.com,” which have a similar meaning to your business while also connecting to your target audience easily.

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