3 Major Reasons Why You Must Not Take Up Free Web Hosting Plans

To begin, it is only logical to consider the cost of a hosting service. If you have a low budget and little expertise, free hosting may seem intriguing. You could even think of it as a blessing. You will shortly realise, however, that the offer is not as fantastic as it looks. Although free website hosting looks to be a good deal, it has some disadvantages. You may wind up spending more in the long term than if you started with premium hosting. It would be preferable if you looked beyond the price.

 After all, the hosting service you select will have an impact on your website, its content, and the future of your blog. As a result, I believe it is essential to consider the hosting provider. Infosky Solutions is one of the reliable web hosting providers who can offer you the minimum Web hosting charges in Chandigarh.

Top 3 Reasons Avoid Free Web Hosting Plans

  • Reliability issue

With free website hosting, you get what you paid for, and because you didn’t pay, your options are restricted. Your website is probably not scalable. This implies that as your business grows, your website will be unable to keep up.  You will discover that the downtime is longer than you anticipated. If you want to generate money from your blog, it might affect your conversions and leads. And the worry doesn’t end there; you can wake up one morning and discover that your website has vanished. Unfortunately, your hosting company will not supply you with any comprehensive backup methods to recover it.

  • Performance

There is always one critical feature that free hosting services fail to deliver, and that is performance. The better the user experience, the quicker your site. An excellent user experience will also result in greater engagement from your audience, who will be more inclined to generate leads or make a purchase.

Visitors will abandon your website to locate another resource and will eventually avoid visiting your blog if it takes too long to load. Because you are not paying for their resources, free web servers make shortcuts.  While the performance impact of free web hosting is obvious, you should test the performance of your site to see for yourself.

  • Security

With the growth of cyberattacks, the security of your website is more important than ever. Unfortunately, with a free web server, you may not even obtain basic account security protections like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Free web servers, in general, offer little to no security against cyber-attacks. They typically have security weaknesses that hackers might exploit to get access to hosted websites. 

The good news is that Infosky Solutions, the best of many web hosting companies offers safe and secure hosting. And all of this comes at a very reasonable cost.


Free website hosting is a terrible idea for the above major reasons. Besides there are other factors that also get affected too. It will neither save you money nor time. Consider your long-term website goals before choosing a web hosting business.  If you are serious about your website and want to preserve it for a long time, you should build it from the ground up with dependable, paid hosting and a genuine, branded name.

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